About GLC Green


GLC Green is our pilgrimage to environment and man. 

 Driven by our desire to create & develop interesting products that has purpose and meaning, we came up with a line of hand-made natural material lamps and home decors that focuses on cultural & environmental preservation. These products are made from sustainable materials and hand produced by Filipino artisans using traditional weaving techniques. 

Our products are for those who care, not only about the final outcome, but the manner on how they were made as well. When we started our journey in the Philippines, in search of producers who share the same mind-set, we were happy to discover that so was the case. Our current manufacturers do not only produce well crafted products, they also provide decent & fair livelihood for their employees and the surrounding provinces. They consistently work for a better community, supporting the local artistry of weaving and crafting and strive to eliminate poverty, we are more than proud to be part of this journey . Our products are for those who share our passion in art and design, but more importantly, in culture and environment. 



Every product tells you its journey…from the nature where it came from to the hands that made them.

 GLC Green works hand in hand with artisans in the Philippines to create imaginative products using sustainable materials –each one as unique as the hands that fashioned them. These conjurers of nature have been using ethnical weaving techniques passed on through many generations. The machineries of progress threaten to make this traditional art obsolete and only through patronization can we ensure its survival.

We, at GLC Green will advocate the persistence of this craft by making them a part of your home. Every product you buy retells the story behind it and supports the foundations that our manufacturers are part of or in charge of. Though the programs have different focuses, their missions are the same - To support those underprivileged in society, may it be women survivors of human trafficking and abuse, children suffering from mental or physical illness, children suffering from malnutrition and families living under very poor conditions unable to put their kids through school.    

Dios Mabalos Po Foundation
Aweca Foundation
The Paper Project Inc.



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