Giving Back

 For every purchase of our product a percentage goes back to our partner foundations that helps the underprivileged people of society. These foundations focuses on education, livelihood and overall empowerment of both individuals and communities in different regions of the Philippines. 


The Aweca Foundation Inc.

A non-profit organization with a mission of seeking “an empowered and sustainable community of people” by providing livelihood and education to the locals, including the Aetas, of Central Luzon, Philippines.

Look for the Green Heart

Every purchase of any item with the Green Heart symbol automatically gives back to the Aweca Foundation.

To know more about them, visit their page:

Dios Mabalos Po Foundation

A non-profit organization that performs livelihood, philanthropic, humanitarian and charitable projects aimed at helping children and women around the Bicol Region of the Philippines.  

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The Paper Project Inc.

The Paper Project Inc. provides sustainable livelihood for women survivors of human trafficking and abuse in the Philippines. 

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